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Top Fiber Optic Cable Supplier In China - Your Trusted Fibre Cable Manufacturer

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Looking for a trustworthy fiber optic cable supplier in China can be overwhelming. However, Dierite is the top provider, offering high-quality cables at a reasonable price.

This article will guide you through the best suppliers, ensuring quality and affordability for your needs. Keep reading—you'll discover valuable insights here.

Key Takeaways

  1. China hosts many top fiber optic cable suppliers, including Jiangsu Dierite Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. and Fiberhome International Technologies Co., Ltd. These companies offer various products, such as indoor and outdoor cables, single and multi-mode options, FTTH drop cables, and armored types.

  2. Quality assurance is key for these suppliers. They thoroughly test each fiber optic cable using advanced tools like optical time-domain reflectometers to ensure they meet high standards. This commitment ensures customers get durable and reliable products.

  3. Competitive pricing helps these companies stand out in the global market. For instance, Dierite offers high-quality fiber optical cables at cost-effective prices ranging from $0.9-1.8/meter.

  4. Companies like Dierite and Fiberhome lead in innovation within the fiber optic industry by providing various optical products that cater to telecommunications and broadband networking industries worldwide.

  5. The industry prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering tailor-made solutions like OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services while ensuring access to quality fibrous communication solutions through platforms like the app for added convenience.

Key Features of Top Fiber Optic Cable Supplier

Are you looking for a top fiber optic cable supplier in China? You'll want one that offers a wide variety of cables and ensures they are of the highest quality. Plus, finding one that gives you great prices makes all the difference.

These suppliers offer everything from indoor cables to those tough enough for outdoor use, even special cables like FTTH drop or armored types. They guarantee their products meet high standards and ensure you get what you need without overspending.

Range of Fiber Optic Cables

Top suppliers in China offer a wide selection of fiber optic cables. These include indoor, outdoor, single-mode, and multi-mode options. They make cables for different needs like FTTH (fiber to the home), ADSS (all-dielectric self-supporting), and armored cables.

Some are designed for aerial use or have special jackets like LSZH (low smoke, zero halogen) for safety.

Brands like Dierite provide copper-clad aluminum Conductor Optical Fiber and Fiber Optic Patch Cable. Hangzhou Jinlong Optical Cable Co., Ltd offers Aerial Self Supporting Fiber Optic Cable with FRP CSM strength members.

Hongan Group Corporation Limited has cables with 2 to 24 cores for duct installation outdoors, while SHG Communication Technology and Ningbo Haishu Efon Communication Equipment Limited focus on FTTH drop cables and double jacket aerial ADSS optic strands respectively, meeting diverse communication needs with quality products at competitive prices.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance plays a critical role in moving from the wide range of fiber optic cables. Top fiber optic cable suppliers in China, like Fiberhome, Dierite, ZTT, etc., all focus on delivering high-quality fiber optic cable products.

They commit to ensuring every piece of optical fiber meets strict standards. This means each outdoor and indoor fiber optic cable goes through thorough testing.

Manufacturers use advanced tools for quality checks - including optical time-domain reflectometers and fusion splicers for joint integrity tests. Their goal? Ensure that each FTTH fiber drop cable, armored lszh pvc fiber, or patch cord reaches and exceeds customer expectations.

By doing so, these manufacturers maintain their reputation as trusted suppliers in the highly competitive optical transceiver and connector market.

Competitive Pricing

After ensuring the highest quality of fiber optic cables, it's time to talk numbers. Prices matter a lot when choosing a cable manufacturer in China. The top suppliers understand this and offer their optical fibers at rates that keep them ahead in the market.

Dierite offers high-quality fiber optical cables at cost-effective prices ranging from $0.9-1.8/meter.

Looking further, Hongan Group Corporation Limited lists factory-priced outdoor GYXTW cables at $0.1-0.15 per meter, making large-scale network infrastructure projects more feasible financially.

SHG Communication Technology (Hangzhou) Ltd and Ningbo Haishu Efon Communication Equipment Limited follow suit with competitive pricing on FTTH drop cables and ADSS cables, respectively—showing that cost-effective solutions are available without compromising on performance or design needs.

Top 10 Fiber Optic Cable Suppliers in China

China is home to many companies that make fiber optic cables. These ten stand out for their quality and variety.


Dierite, a key player in the fiber optic industry, sits in Changzhou, Jiangsu. Since its launch in 2010, this company has built a name for itself by offering a wide array of products.

These include both indoor and outdoor optical cables, patch cables made of optical fibers, light path dividers known as PLC splitters, and connective pieces like adapters and attenuators, among others.

With over 150 skilled workers operating out of a 5,000 square meter workshop area, Dierite has positioned itself as a go-to supplier for professional fiber optics solutions.

Priding itself on innovation and quality control, the firm holds national high-tech enterprise status and ISO 9001 certification. Their items meet several global standards, including CE and RoHS – ensuring that when you choose Dierite’s offerings, such as armored LSZH PVC fiber optics or duplex optical cords, you're getting top-notch goods.

Their catalog serves critical needs across telecommunications to broadband networking industries worldwide - reaching Asia to European markets effectively.


Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co., Ltd stands out in China's bustling fiber optic market. They specialize in IP networks and are known for their high-quality fiber products.

Their strong focus on innovation pushes them to the forefront of optical technology. Fiberhome offers various items, including outdoor cables, patch cords, and optical fibers that meet various needs.

Their commitment to quality shines through in every product they make, from flat drop cables to armored wires. With competitive pricing, Fiberhome makes top-notch technology accessible.

They are a trusted partner for anyone needing reliable optical solutions in this fast-paced digital age.


ZTT stands out as a leading fiber optic cable supplier in China. This company makes a wide variety of fiber optic products, such as copper-clad aluminum Conductor Optical Fiber, Electrical Cables and Wires Optical Fiber, and Fiber Optic Patch Cable.

They use advanced technology to ensure each product meets high-quality standards.

Their optical fibers are perfect for many uses. ZTT's strong commitment is to provide top-notch optical network solutions with their fiber optic cables. Their customers always get competitive prices, making ZTT a smart choice for those needing reliable fiber optics.


HENGTONG shines as a top player among fiber optic cable producers in China. They stand out for their reliable and high-quality optical fiber lines. Known for its vast range of fiber optics, the company meets various communication needs.

HENGTONG's commitment goes beyond standard offerings; they specialize in armored drop LSZH PVC fibers, ensuring durability and safety. Their products are perfect for those needing robust solutions.

This manufacturer doesn't just sell cables; they create possibilities with their strong R&D department focused on OEM and ODM projects. HENGTONG is nestled in a hub with optic technology innovators, making them an ideal partner for cutting-edge connectivity solutions.

With access to top-notch research facilities and collaboration with giants like YOFC and Fiberhome, HENGTONG offers a remarkable blend of innovation and reliability in every cord and splice closure they provide.


Futong stands out among the top 10 fiber optic cable suppliers in China. It partners with leading makers like YOFC and Fiberhome. As a publicly traded company, it enjoys a strong reputation for high-quality products and making customers happy.

Futong's lineup includes indoor, outdoor, and healthcare-related fibrous cables, all meeting ISO9001 standards.

This supplier has a broad reach across Chinese cities, ensuring easy access to its goods. Customers can use the application to find what Futong offers quickly for added convenience.

Their commitment to superior fibrous communication solutions makes them a go-to choice for many seeking reliable connectivity.


Moving on from FUTONG, let's talk about HONGAN. This company shines in the fiber optic industry, making waves with its vast array of communication wires, optical fiber cables, and data wires.

With a hefty 1.5 billion yuan in assets and a team of 2,000 strong, their commitment to excellence is clear. They're not just another name in the game—they stand tall among China’s top suppliers because their products hit the mark every time.

HONGAN ensures customer happiness stays at the forefront by offering first-rate items that meet diverse needs—from simple to complex installations. Their collaboration with leading suppliers underlines a stellar reputation within this competitive landscape.

Whether for setting up new connections or upgrading existing ones, they have your back with reliable solutions that promise durability and high performance.


GEYIDA stands out among the top fiber optic cable suppliers in China. They offer various indoor and outdoor cables, all meeting ISO9001 standards. This shows their commitment to quality.

Their products play a significant role in the telecommunications and data communications sectors, proving their versatility.

This company doesn't just sell cables; they're at the forefront of fiber optic technology innovation. Being an audited supplier adds to their trustworthiness. With GEYIDA, customers know they're getting high-quality fiber optics for any project they have in mind.


NECERO stands out as a leading fiber optic cable supplier in China. With its strong focus on research and development, the company pushes boundaries in OEM, ODM, and Own Brand capacities.

Known for its high-quality offerings, NECERO impresses with products like the Fiber Optic Splice Closure. This item showcases the brand's commitment to innovation.

Located in Chinese cities known for their dense concentration of suppliers, NECERO thrives amidst fierce competition. The brand's website invites user interaction through feedback options, app downloads, and services available in multiple languages.

This level of engagement highlights NECERO's dedication to customer satisfaction and global reach. As an Audited Supplier on, this company guarantees reliability and quality across its product range.


YOUNG SUN stands out among China's top 10 fiber optic cable suppliers. They strongly focus on research and development, allowing customized solutions such as OEM and ODM services.

YOUNGSUN also proudly carries its brand along with other options. Their ties to cities known for a high concentration of fiber optic manufacturers boost their reputation.

They offer various products, including the highly recommended Fiber Optic Splice Closure. Customers can easily choose from different languages and find important copyright information on their user-friendly website.

For those looking to make quick decisions, YOUNGSUN provides a feature where users can request quotes quickly, ensuring efficient communication and service.


Moving from YOUNGSUN, we shift our focus to DYS Fiber Optic Technology. This company stands out among fiber optic cable suppliers in China for several reasons. DYS is known for its commitment to high-quality fiber products.

They make various cables, such as outdoor fiber optic and drop cables, with Anatel certificates.

DYS also excels in producing components necessary for building a reliable optic network. Their catalog includes fiber optic termination boxes and optical patch cord pigtails.

Thanks to their strict quality assurance process, customers can trust the performance of every product that comes from their factory. Plus, they offer competitive prices without compromising on quality or innovation.


China shines as a leading hub for fiber optic technology. It's home to suppliers that offer an impressive variety of cables and components, from simple patch cords to complex armored varieties.

These manufacturers ensure quality while keeping prices competitive, making it easy for businesses worldwide to connect and communicate efficiently. With such diversity and commitment to excellence, China’s fiber optic industry stands ready to meet global needs today and in the future.


1. Who is the top fiber optic cable manufacturer in China?

Jiangsu Dierite is one of China's best fiber optic cable suppliers for high-quality fiber optic products, including cables and components. You'll find professional manufacturers committed to providing the best fiber optic technology here.

2. What kinds of fiber optic cables can I get?

You can choose from a wide variety, including duplex, span fiber with aramid yarn for extra strength, and even those with Anatel certificates. Whether for patch cords or drop cables, there's a variety to meet your needs.

3. Are these cables certified or come with any special features?

Yes! Our offerings include drop cables with Anatel certification, designed for durability using materials like steel wire and aramid yarn. Plus, they're crafted to ensure optimal communication efficiency.

4. How do I know which fiber optic cable is right for me?

Consider what you need—a patch cord pigtail jumper or an armored drop cable. Each type serves different purposes; armored ones offer more protection, while pigtails are great for connecting devices.

5. Can I expect competitive prices from Chinese suppliers?

Absolutely! Our goal is to provide top-notch quality at the best price. You'll find that selecting 2024 high-quality fiber optic products doesn't mean breaking the bank—we ensure value without compromising on excellence.

6. Why choose a supplier from China for my fiber optic needs?

China's commitment to innovation means you get access to new advancements first-hand., especially in cities like Changzhou, where being at the forefront of technology is standard practice; with us, expect nothing less than cutting-edge solutions tailored just right., ensuring your communications run smoothly without a hitch.

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